Taurus – The Bull Horoscope


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 APRIL 20 – MAY 20 
Roman goddess of magnificence and expressions of the human experience, delight, feelings. In crystal gazing, Venus’ impact inclines toward an affection for extravagance and excellent innovative capacity.
The Bull
Strong, stubborn, plodding, can be both fierce and gentle.
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taurus horoscope

Taurus Horoscope Qualities

Taurus Horoscope – Being a person conceived under this bull sign, you are a charming mix of the tried and true and sensible, the delicate what’s more, enthusiastic. Inside each handy & stolid-appearing Taurean, there is a sentimental &  a romantic visionary attempting to get out.

You are the individual others rely on in the grasp, the Taurus drives forward when less decided human beings fall by the wayside. Since the quality of being enduring and unchanging is most required for the achievement, you have a tendency of producing good or helpful results.

You are not the pioneer who first strikes out for new territory, however, the decided pilgrim who takes after and assembles houses and towns and develops the dirt. Your most prominent quality lives in your industriousness and enduring, tenacious drive. You are an intentional achiever who has the interminable persistence to see a thing through, to make it a win. You are the first steadfast item and overpowering power.

More About Taurus Zodiac Sign – Trait & Personality

Taurus is an Earthy sign- FIX & HEAVY, which implies that the persons with Taurus are definitely not attached to change. You just can’t be raced into anything new – outside of your comfort zone. An alternate methodology makes unease and tension in you.

You are most agreeable and secure with the familiar.Whenever there is a situation offering you a change, your inner says “If everything is working fine the way it is, what’s the reason to have a go at something new?”

People are well aware that you have the temper while this is another thing that they have not seen you losing your temper so easily.They find you equable, quiet & patient until & unless they don’t provoke you & you become furious.

Under the rule of the planet Venus, goddess of adoration and excellence, you are blessed with honest to goodness creative endowments, receptive to shading and outline, motivated by workmanship furthermore, music.

Being a Taurus, your taste is especially rich. You have a sharp eye for what is profitable and are normally an eager gatherer.

  • People around you are captivated by your uncommon mixing of your down to earth personality who is such a sentimental, lovely sort.You are a responsible individual with a profound gratefulness for the better parts of life.
  • You are additionally determined by the quest for security — your aphorism. Your search for lastingness in profession life, love life, your friend circle and even at your home. Other people around you might be looking to run here & there for more & more while in Taurus case – You are the happiest person when you are at home, encompassed by the delightful, costly things you have gathered, secure in the glow of  your mate’s commitment,  and loyal to those whom you love.

  • Underneath the surface, you are the soft heart, emotional and sentimental. In spite of the fact that you are willing to take after where your heart drives, you think that it’s hard to display your sentiments straightforwardly. Your identity is private and independent.
  • A Taurus is a big storage of ENERGY but you put to utilize this awesome storage of your energy only when you need to — not when others need you to.

  • Despite the fact that essentially modest and held with outsiders, you can be a great host or leader. You get a kick out of the chance to stimulate those you have a liking or admiration for.

The Inner Taurus

  • You require a request in your life — you start getting restless when things start getting wild around. Also the new makes you feel shaky, you tend to cut yourself off from new encounters. Should be more open to change.
  • You are always committed to those you think & care about. You prefer to have a couple close companions as opposed to numerous easygoing colleagues.
  • In your love life, you are the happiest person when you are engaged in a mining & a long term relationship.
  • You’re profoundly touchy — a repeal or brutal word is exceptionally irritating to you.

What People Think Of Taurus?

  • You are a trusted brand for the people around you whose advice/suggestions are considered & admired seriously by others.
  • You’re considered as a tranquil impact, somebody to rely on upon, and you’re appreciated for your sorted out brain.
  • Most of the time people don’t realize or have any judgment that you could be sensitive & can be easily heartening.


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taurus horoscope

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