Leo – The Lion

Who is Leo ?ELEMENTADMINISTERING PLANETSign ImagePrevailing Keyword
JULY 23 – AUGUST 22 
The most powerful planetary influence, bestowing vitality and authority.
The Lion
Regal, brave, dominating, sometimes indolent. Possessing nobility and pride.



Leo Horoscope Qualities

A Leo is zealous, full of strength, expansive and creative, liberal in giving or sharing and extravagant,  having a strong set of principles concerning faith and fixed in his/her stand.Leo is the sign that oversees delight and innovativeness. People with Leo Zodiac sign search for what they can get out of life for themselves, and by having a tendency to rule others.

A Leo’s dedication & Loyalty is undoubted. You are committed to yourself. All Leos have a kingdom. The kingdom might be enormous or little, it might be your home or a darling or a bit of innovative work or your entire profession. Be that as it may, whatever it is, you are unquestioningly leader of this kingdom.

Being a lively, full of spirit & a familiar talker, A Leo has inbuilt qualities to well host & entertain other people in your circle or people you are interacting with.Sometimes you are a ROCK star.

Know More About Leo Zodiac Sign – Trait & Personality

  • You don’t wait for your life to offer you intense and passionate feeling, instead, you go ahead & your attempt to make your own.
  •  Exaggerating of ideas for the sake of emphasis is second nature to you.Because you are designed to get the things done in a huge & huge way.That’s why if you are hosting & inviting someone to your place, they feel like they are getting that royal treatment given by a royal king.

  • You want only the best just opposite to others who may keep option compromise & go ahead with any secondary option but not in your case.
  • A Leo’s first priority is just to enjoy his/her life no matter how much it costs & irrespective of any difficulties you face to achieve that status.Second, your image & reputation in society & your circle is another most important thing for you.
  • Your readiness to give more of something, your kind nature with that big & open heart inside you makes you having less targeted or hurt by anyone but in case if anyone tries to hurt a Leo – The Leo don’t wait for an appropriate time and hit back openly &  immediately.On the other side, you have an another good quality of you that you don’t keep load in your mind due to your forgiving nature, you forgive & move ahead.
  • Being under the SUN as a ruling planet – Like Sun you to bring a few daylight into other’s lives.Clearly, this is one of your most charming attributes. From numerous points of view, you resemble the Sun itself — life upgrading, transmitting vitality and magnetism, smoldering with unfaltering fixity.


Inner Side of Leo Sign 

You have overwhelming feelings; whether you’re experiencing euphoria, hopelessness, energy, or cherish, it should be playing on a mammoth motion picture screen.You feel you have a critical part to play in life and you’re going to discover it.

You have faith in making a move. Your prompt response to any issue is to accomplish something about it instead of lounge around contemplating it.Yet, you’re to a great degree touchy and you attempt to shroud this reality under a part of bluster. It’s critical to you to get others’ endorsement.


Leo For Others

You have a grand quality, a method for emerging in a swarm. The one of a kind mix of the intense and passionate feeling you extend, your feeling of style, your method for talking, and your giggle is the thing that attracts individuals to you.

People around you or in your circle likewise tempted by the way that you plan for an impressive future, which sustains their own dreams of accomplishment and power. They’re pulled into your vitality and excitement and your attitude of coming forward to take responsibility. They expect that you’ll take an authority position.

There are people who feel uncomfortable with your king-size ego.While on the other side there are people who have a very demanding & spoiled child characteristics in you.

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