Gemini – The Twins

Who is Gemini ?ELEMENTADMINISTERING PLANETSign ImagePrevailing Keyword
MAY 21 – JUNE 20
A messenger of gods.Mercury rules correspondence and travel.
The Twins
Connected with duality, humanism, flexibility, correspondence.

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Qualities

  • Gemini is a Zodiac Sign of thought and correspondence on an individual level.
  • Individuals conceived under this sign are dual personalities, fast thinking process, and activity, astute with words, expertise ful at managing others, brimful of new thoughts.
  • Being a Gemini, it is not possible for your to just sit as a spectator & watch the show. Until & unless you are not the part of the show you are unendingly inquisitive about each thing.Gemini must be the performing artist on that stage.
  • You are fond of composing notes, visiting with outsiders, surfing the web, hurling off messages, IM. Instant messages — and the phone – A Gemini is the Zodiac sign who knows the better use of their phone, a tool running these Geminis.

  •  Your effortless & natural endowments of composing, talking, and self-expression make you an achievement in managing general society. You have a mercury identity that can adjust to numerous sorts of individuals.

More About Gemini Zodiac Sign – Trait & Personality

Duality is Gemini’s most renowned characteristic.Also, Gemini is usually not satisfied with accomplishing one thing in a single time instead need access to more than one of everything.

Fundamentally your inclination is anxious, on the go, in the mission of new thoughts and crisp encounters. Things get extremely dull for you unless you have a steady change of landscape.Gemini is all about variety.

Your inclination is to waste vitality on excessively numerous activities as opposed to concentrating your running on one assignment.

Many other important things about Gemini is to read  below:

  • A Gemini’s celestial image should be the inquiry mark because you’re an unending understudy of life who never stops making inquiries. You want to converse with individuals, and this is the extraordinary mystery of your appeal. Others open to you like streamers.Accordingly, on the same time, your people management skills are sometimes just wonderful.
  • Your fast personality can clarify any activity, shield any position, legitimize any course.
  • The process of persuading anyone is god gifted to you.Using this talent you can convenience anyone to even buy a  property on moon.
  • Gemini is considered as the fastest carrier of any piece of information as being a perfect got a mastery in gossip.


Gemini’s Way A fixed routine and lack of variety and interest are two things you fear. You will go to any lengths to maintain a strategic distance from them. Change is your watchword, and what you esteem most is an opportunity. For you, the fun is in sail over or along, not in touching the final destination. You want to explore a new region, see the way individuals live on the other side of the world.

 The Inner Gemini 

You respond right away to new circumstances, but since you’re so acutely sensitive to your surroundings, you tend to have an anxious personality. Furthermore, however, you radiate flashes of vitality, energy, and appeal, inside you feel like an injury up spring. Others are intrigued by your enthusiasm while deep down you’re as of now exhausted with this individual or that undertaking.

In your relationships/love life, you’re exceptionally giving, yet you likewise require time for yourself.You’re liberal with your time, companion boat, and belonging.

Call it your weakness or what but one issue with Gemini is that rather than looking at individuals’ more profound qualities, you tend to judge them by their response to you.


 How do People see You?

Individuals like to associate with you since you’re fascinating, what’s more, diverting. People appreciate you for your ability with words what’s more, comical inclination. Despite the fact that you’re viewed as even more a cerebral sort, companions believe your judgment about emotional matters. They additionally know you’ll bounce into help whenever inquired. Just those nearest to you know you can be touchy and demoralized. At the point when crossed you can be sarcastic, which makes a few people believe you’re egotistical.

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Gemini Dates

Gemini Dates Gemini dates in crystal gazing i.e. gemini dates in the science of Astrology  are from ordinarily May 21 to June 20. Gemini horoscope dates matching with your birthday dates decide if you are a Gemini sign.For example if your birthday falls in between the Gemini birth dates i.e. May 21 to June 20,…