Cancer – The Crab

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JUNE 21 – JULY 22
the Moon represents feelings and instinctive conduct.
The Crab
Having an impervious outside covering delicate tissue underneath. At the main indication of threat, it withdraws into its shell and leaves back to the ocean, where it feels safe.


Cancer Qualities

Cancer Zodiac sign is all about home and family life, In other words, they are incomplete without home & family life. That’s why Cancerians look for close individual connections and are most joyful encompassed by the well known and those whom they love.

It is hard to find anyone who can confidently tell you that you are easy to understand.You may seem delicate, kind, thoughtful, what’s more, a patient audience.

Alertness & be caution is your default way by nature i.e. you are the soul of alert but on the other hand, you’re a brave initiator who makes a special effort to push over snags with your driving identity.

More About Cancer Zodiac Sign – Trait & Personality


  • Just like the tides, Cancer is the indication of powerful strengths moving under the surface. This surface which is entirely hard to infiltrate is completely different from inside – where  Cancerians are full of profound emotions and extraordinary affectability.

  • Mind boggling, easily broken, sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior and being sensitive are common qualities.The typical  Cancerian needs steady backing and empowerment. You need frantically to be loved and respected deeply and need emotional support to be offered.

  • However most opposing of all is the reality you’re such a feeder & protector who offers unselfishly to any individual who needs you.Your most prominent effect is in human relationships; you have an intuition for making others feel tended to and caught on.Among your most charming characteristics is your devotion.
  • You are careful about uncovering extra of your inner self in open and easily in front of others i.e. you protect your insider facts well.
  • In case someone hurts you or hit you, you don’t strike back openly while your technique for countering is to be silent & take revenge without making noise, and it is frequently extremely effective.

    Cancer – Love, Relationship & Friends 

You are possessive. Any individual who turns out to be a piece of your life will never again be out of the frame altogether from your life because of your approach to carry forward your relationships & connections.You attempt to stay in touch with your companions, ex-partners, previous life partners, business associates, people you knew as kids.

For Cancerian, He/She is always not getting enough love and endorsement because you generally require more & more love. That is why it is always very easy to fall in love & relationship with this dedicated, committed, tender, and a Moon-kid who is hungry for love.

Cancer – Inner Side

For anyone, you’re the photo of quiet and quality at first glance, while the real fact is that underneath you tend to feel uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident and lacking i.e unable to deal with a situation or with life sometimes.

You likewise visualize the most exceedingly awful result to a situation, never the best. Cancerians are an exceptionally sentimental & emotional individual; who are continually feeling.Your sentimental level is so interesting that even listening to a sad song, an emotional movie, a scenery or falling in your old memories make you sentimental.

Usually, you get in sync with other people feelings.In fact, you get almost as involved in your friends’ problems as you do on your own. When you’re close to someone, you believe you are supposed to help that person up to your best level.

Cancer – Love Horoscope, Relationships,Family,Finance,Career, Health Astrology  & Any Other Section of Life 



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