I recently came across a posting for some insight on my life, after some consideration I decided to give it a try. Words cannot express how blown away I was. I received an amazing reading which was on point with my past, present and hopefully the future as well. Ricky from MyHoroscope site  was able to give me concrete information right down to dates! I’m impressed with the reading as well as giving me a sense on peace on some current situations. As I’m sure there are sceptics out there and of course the weary on dealing with someone thru social media, however what is social media for right? I can assure you he is genuine and very very accurate. I was pleasantly surprised at how through he was in my reading and will most certainly be in contact with him again! Thank you Ricky, Thank you MyHoroscope.info, your amazing! ☺



Meechi Alvarez, United States