Terms & Conditions:

  • For all consultations, you are strongly recommended to provide accurate birth time, date and place details.
  • Payment for the service has to be done prior to the beginning of the consultation.
  • You can cancel your appointment within 24 hours of making the payment. After 24 hours – No refunds will be initiated.
  • It is assumed that before fixing the appointment for your reading session or placing order. You have read , understood & agreed to the terms of service.
  • Any personal information or birth data(Date of birth, Place & Time of Birth) that is discussed or received by My Horoscope & its reader from the users/clients in the creation of the Horoscope or during the astrology reading session is kept confidential and is used for purposes of Astrological analysis and interpretation only.
  • The company & services provided shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with this service shall be settled by the courts in New Delhi only.
  • Website owns the right to publish the received testimonials of the clients on Facebook page , email & website.However , the My Horoscope will have to removal the testimonial if you(client) want & ask by sending an email.
  • Website owns the rights to decide if to disclose or undisclosed our astrology readers , Mr. Ricky’s personal information (which includes photos, residence /office address) , details or identity to any client/user.



  • My Horoscope or its website managing staff will not be held responsible for misinterpreted readings due to incorrect information shared by the client. For e.g., date of birth, time or even place of birth.
  • During the course of your consultation, there may be references made to various Gods, Deities, Rituals, Planets and Celestial bodies. As evident, these references are derived from Hindu Mythology, Veda Shastra and Vedic Astrology which like any other Theoretical framework has supporting scripts & literature.
  • The astrological readings, predication and analysis are the opinion of the consulting astrologer and the My Horoscope. These are based  on deep understanding of ancient Vedic Astrology. Indian astrology is an art form practiced for thousands of years, and is in many ways, a defining characteristic of India and its civilization. This understanding relies on the characteristics, placements, aspects, associations, strengths, weaknesses of the planets which have no scientific basis.
  • Horoscope & astrology readings are a subject of faith, where the devotee/seeker has certain beliefs on practices and  rituals, and Myhoroscope is only providing a medium to fulfill these beliefs. The customer is strongly advised to combine these recommendations with his/her personal judgment.
  • The recommendations, astrology predictions, readings & remedies shared by My Horoscope and its astrology reader are suggestive only. The astrologer & Website cannot be held accountable for any misinterpretation, action or use that may be made because of the information given. Therefore website & our astrologer gives no guarantee or commitments  on predictions and given astrology readings.
  • A conversation with a My Horoscope Consultant is not a substitute for financial, medical, or other professional counsel and expertise.
  • Recommendation for astrological remedies such as gemstones, mantras, yantras etc are often prescribed after a diligent study of the client’s birth chart and with due exercise of prudence and judgment. It must be clearly understood that every such prescription is accompanied by a prescribed method and procedure, which is expected to be followed by our clients with due diligence. My Horoscope will not be held responsible for any claims on negative functioning or side effects of such prescriptions or remedies. The remedies you receive should not be used as a substitute for advice, programs or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional.