This website is not for you if you are looking for a software auto generated inaccurate horoscope /astrology readings as per the trend you see these days over web space.Also as per this website’s policy, this website is not designed to market /advertise any astrologer as a celebrity who in the name of horoscope or astrology readings only tells you that your which planet is sitting on what position or angle in a very complicated astrological language that mostly goes above the head of a common man who is simply seeking accurate & point to point answers to his questions , so you won’t find any promotional profile of the man,the reader behind this website who believes not to come between your questions and accurate answers,you deserve.

You are most welcome on this website if you are looking for an accurate, pure & deep horoscope/astrology insight on your life or questions on Love or Dating Astrology, Family & Relationship Astrology, Personal Horoscopes, Career & Finance, Compatibility, Health Astrology &   anything you wanna know.

About the Reader?

He is the supporting divine force behind let us run this website – The guru who believes that people deserve to know what their stars & destiny holds for them by getting answers to their questions giving them accurate insight reading sessions or simply say ‘NO’.

His life’s journey started from Florida, USA to Moscow, Russia to finally the Himalayan range of  India.He currently runs an ashram to execute many social welfare programs for poor children as per God wish.

As per the website policy based on Mr. Ricky’s terms n conditions of working with us & for the people that:

  1. We will keep on donating the 90% of the income generated from readings for the social cause & welfare programs.
  2. We won’t promote & glorify him as a celebrity reader(like what these days astrologers are promoted on the web).
  3. We are allowed to use only the given picture of him as it is with no editing or effects.

We believe that you deserve to have an idea about the skills of your reader with whom you are fixing a paid appointment.So we would suggest you visit  Facebook Profile Page directly managed/supported by him and read the people’s experiences during a three months readings session executed by him for the people in their life.

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It is not that your astrology reader is hidden or undercover, Once you fix a reading session appointment, you get a direct access to the phone, What’s app and email id to establish a personal one on one friendly connection anytime, you need.



About Us?

We are a small team of readers working as a connector between our guru Mr.Ricky Wom – the gentleman blessed with the divine forces (Who simply believe in giving accurate & straight forward readings without any gimmick) & YOU (Who simply wants to resolve your Why?  When? &  How? questions without going into any technicality of your horoscope) !